Peace and Love
South on Duke
Atmospheric Direction
Villa Monastera Walk, Lake Como
Lavender Umbria
Belltower Bellagio, Lake Como
Highpoint Susquehanna
Highpoint, Susquehanna
French Azilum, Susquehanna
Lake Williams Sunset . oil on canvas . 20x20"
Jarvis Creek
Croton River from Croton Dam, NY
Creekside, Jeffersonville VT
Aster Meadow, Mansfield VT
Mansfield Sunset
Mansfield with Sumac, Cambridge VT
Brewster River Gorge, Jeffersonville VT
Last Light of Day
Storm Over Admire
Spring Colors, Millbourne
Flora's Pool, Millbourne
Belvidere, Millbourne
The Stairs to Flora's Garden, Millbourne
Grey Cloud
Incendiary Dreams
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