Spring is in the air...

Silver with rainbow topaz . 1″ x 3″ brooch

... although today we are having a taste of Winter all over again. It made for a great day to clean up the studio after moving everything from the Marketview Arts studio to the home studio. Re-arranging and organizing was very necessary! It sure seems like I was busy but not much to show for it. HELP!!

In the recent months I took a Silver class with Bill Thompson of T3 Designs at the Craftsman’s Guild. It was fantastic. He has a wealth of knowledge to pass on to students. I started with designs and a flat piece of silver and went from there. I learned the basics of cutting, refining, soldering, finishing and so much more. I highly recommend his class and may take it again.

The month of March I spent as much time as I could volunteering at FOE, an installation by Wayne White, at the Marketview Arts building. York College brought him in to lead and army of volunteers for 5 weeks of intense cardboarding. His cubist fun vision of Jubel Early’s Civil War takeover of York is well worth seeing. The whole 3rd floor of Marketview has been turned into a giant sculpture/painting playroom into whichyou can immerse yourself. Some characters are 18″ high. It is incredible and was so much fun to work on. People came from all over to help cut, glue and paint. General White was ever the gentleman in dealing with his troops! COME SEE !!

As I said, I moved out of the Marketview Studio. I am looking for more of a street presence and to share a space. I liked being there but longed to be out and about on First Fridays. So much art is happening in York! It is exciting! In May I am part of a group show at The Parliament. Five established artists are being shown with five emerging artists. I have about 10 days to get a few more paintings done. I love pressure. Even if they are not done for May I will need them in June for the Haverstick show in Carlisle.

Spring Spring Spring….I am so happy to paint outdoors again with the beautiful flowers popping up and before the heat of summer sends me back indoors. See you soon.