Angels have descended upon my studio for this First Friday. Over the past few years I have done large black and white paintings of angels. They are on paper and combine paint with charcoal. One of the dangers of eating while drawing is sometimes taking a big chomp of the charcoal instead of the pretzel. Ptuey! Come in for a visit and maybe add some charcoal to a new drawing. Everyone has creativity inside waiting  to be unleashed!

The plein air exhibit in conjunction with the York Water Company anniversary was a hit. We had a hot but productive day of painting at Lake Williams and a lovely reception at the Water Company building. The CEO, Jeff Hines, took us all for a tour of the beautiful building. It is hard to believe they covered the fantastic painted and gilded ceiling in the 70's with a drop ceiling. The whole place is a work of art!  I am very happy to say that my painting was awarded Best of Show and Kara's painting sold to a secret buyer. 

After a lovely trip to Michigan for a week of Fall colors, I returned to York and work on the Lafayette Club murals. Damage from water and wild patrons left quite a few places where the paint had been chipped away. My job was to match colors and patch up the damage. Success was mine right down to the sunbathing maiden on a rock with her graffiti martini glass. Now back to studio painting and commissions before the holidays.