Yikes, It's SPRING!

Hard to believe it has been so long since I wrote any news. That is what comes of having a studio outside the home. Most days are spent at OMG painting which is a real pleasure. The light is lovely and the location in the city superb. Both budget and waistline are suffering from too many good restaurants nearby. 

So all this painting is leading up to a show opening on May 11th. Six large scale oils have been in the works. I am so excited to present them! This series was started quite a few years ago with a set of pastel cloudscapes. It took a while to be able to translate the softness of pastel into oils. It is really a lovely and colorful body of work.  In addition there will be a series of smaller oil abstracts. After working on the five large abstracts on view at The Handsome Cab wine bar with 5 other artists, I discovered the language of what works for abstraction is the same as figurative or landscape painting. There is always balance and harmony in a piece. 

After the show is in place I install a sidewalk mural near the United Way building on King Street. A competition to design "playful sidewalks" was thrown out to the artists in the area and mine was chosen. I will post a picture when it is finished in the next week. 

Right after that Kara and I get onto fabricating an installation for the Parliament's Spring Forward event at the Bond on June 3rd. Our sponsor is Stambaugh Ness Accounting Firm. We are excited to make a dynamic and thought provoking installation for this supper fun event! 

I hope to see you at my solo show, Atmospheric Direction, and Spring Forward as well!